Company Overview

MANGOPAY is an online payment technology designed for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and sharing economy businesses.

Built by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, MANGOPAY takes away the pain of back system payments for growing businesses by embedding white-label technology tailored to each customer that can accept multi-currency payments and pay out automatically.

The MANGOPAY technology seamlessly creates individual e-wallets for buyers and sellers, where funds can be held securely for as long as needed.

The end-to-end payment solution is unique in the market due to MANGOPAY’s E-Money Issuer license, which enables businesses to accept payments, hold the funds in escrow and pay out with ease, speed and efficiency.


2009 : creation of 

2013 : MANGOPAY is granted an E-Money Issuer Licence, the company launches

September 2015 : CMA acquires 86% of the capital of Leetchi Group


Céline Lazorthes, Founder and CEO of the Leetchi Group

Celine Lazorthes is a successful entrepreneur LEETCHI_CELINEwho founded in 2009, an online money pot created to enable individuals to securely and quickly finance fundraising projects, events or group gifts.

In doing so, she realised that there was no single solution for the payments journey causing needless complication, costs and friction. Realising the gap in the market, Celine created MANGOPAY, an end-to-end payments solution designed to empower entrepreneurs across Europe. Her dynamism and determination is the key to her success.

Celine was a founding member of France Digitale, set up to facilitate start-ups in France and ensure they pioneer the digital future. She is also an active business angel, having invested in companies such as Jimmy Fairly and Celine is a regular speaker on FinTech and a strong advocate for women in business.

She was awarded the Best Woman in Business Prize by Veuve Clicquot in 2014.