This demo will take you through a "typical" workflow of creating Users, doing PayIns, transfering from one Wallet to another and then doing a PayOut. You are of course free to design any workflow you like though! Some very basic examples of the SDK are shown for each example. This is the full program:
  • Setup Client credentials
  • Create Natural User
  • Create Wallet for Natural User
  • Create Legal User
  • Create Wallet for Legal User
  • Create PayIn Card Web
  • Review PayIn Card Web
  • Create Card Registration
  • Finish Card Registration
  • Do PayIn Card Direct
  • Setup a PreAuth
  • Do a PayIn PreAuth
  • Do a PayIn Refund
  • Do a Transfer
  • Create a Bank Account (of IBAN type)
  • Do a PayOut
  • Submit a KYC Document
  • Do a Transfer Refund
  • Finished

For each example given in this demo, you'll also need to include the PHP SDK, and initiate the API call:
Do not use the "Back" button in your browser, or "Refresh" at any point, otherwise you risk breaking this very basic demo :-)