E-wallets & Ibanisation Payment tools for a personalised workflow

Our extensive features and the ability to attach IBANs to e-wallets allows for an immense range of possibilities. Use our adaptable technology to create a payment flow matching your platform’s needs and specificities.

Adapt payments to your workflow

Use our e-wallets' features to create a payment flow which fits your platform

Built for your platform's every need

  • Reliable services

    Deferred payments can be set up to guarantee payment upon reception of the merchandise.

  • First-rate user experience

    Create the smoothest possible user experience by splitting a buyer's payment between multiple sellers.

  • Guaranteed availability of funds

    Create a trustworthy environment with all funds held in our escrow bank account.

  • No time limit on projects

    Escrow funds for as long as your project owners need.

  • Adapted to recurring donations

    Recurring payments are easily set up for regular donations thanks to our ibanisation technology.

  • Guaranteed availability of funds

    Create a trustworthy environment with all funds held in our escrow bank account.

  • Flexible transfer technology

    Take advantage of unlimited free transfers to build your business.

  • Payments that suit you best

    Split, deffered, and recurring payments offer the possibility to adapt to any user's need.

  • Fast and efficient transfers

    Attach a unique IBAN to each e-wallet and truly challenge traditional bank transfers.


Enable faster and more efficient transfers by generating French or Luxembourg IBAN's on any e-wallet.

  • Universal pay-in transfers

    Share the IBAN to anyone wishing to pay into a project or any e-wallet.

  • Faster availability of funds

    Increase payment speeds compared to traditional bank wires by avoiding bank reconciliation.

  • Straightforward recurring payments

    Make recurring payments simpler thanks to a permanent and trusted IBAN.

  • Activate this feature

    Simply let us know during the onboarding process that you wish to integrate this payment tool or contact our sales team to activate this feature in no time!

Asked questions


Is ibanisation available with all MANGOPAY services?

Ibanisation technology is available if you use our Payment Services. Find out how to find what services you are using with our dedicated FAQ.
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What is the process of an IBAN transfer?

Funds received by MANGOPAY through an IBAN transfer are directly sent to the appropriate e-wallet. The exact process of an IBAN transfer is the following:...
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Are funds held directly on the e-wallets?

Funds which appear on e-wallets are held within MANGOPAY's secure escrow account. This enables instant and secure transfers between e-wallets.
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