Payment solution for B2B platforms Connecting businesses

  • Unique IBAN per e-wallet
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Split payments between e-wallets
  • Adaptable to financing partners
  • Automatable reconciliation
  • Fast KYB verification
  • Adaptable to financing partners
  • Scheduled payments

Built for businesses

Digitalise the payments experience for your professional buyers. Accept payments in advance or on due date in a wide range of currencies and payment methods. Generate a unique IBAN for each e-wallet to harness a powerful technology for bank wires and SEPA Direct Debits, and simplify reconciliation of funds.

Pre-authorise a card and take multiple captures to deal with multi-vendor baskets, making light work of partial refunds or product unavailability.

Flexible payment flows

Create unlimited e-wallets and split payments freely between buyers, sellers and any intermediaries. Hold funds as long as needed to secure transactions, and take your commission at any stage.

Optimise the experience of your exchanges. Include payment-guarantee partners for invoice insurance, deferred payment or cash advance services. Integrate logistics partners and create a unique workflow to suit your needs.

Global KYB expertise

Build a strong catalogue of must-have providers in your industry, whether they are sole traders, wholesalers, craftsmen, small businesses or big players.

Rely on MANGOPAY’s European licence to work with buyers and sellers from around the world, in all kinds of sectors and activities. Automate KYB document collection to onboard quickly and create a smooth seller experience.

Integrate your way

Get set up in no time with our pre-packaged SDKs, plugins and extensive documentation. Our teams are on hand every step of the way.

Start transacting with low integration thanks to our dashboard, which tracks all activity. Access all payment functions and transfer funds manually to deal with a sale.

Use our proprietary Mirakl connector to synchronise your vendor catalogue, automate KYB processes, and execute payouts based on invoice status.

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