User verification Automated identity checks

European anti-money laundering regulation requires online platforms handling funds to verify their user’s identity. Automate the sending of the necessary information while we manage the verification.

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer refers to the due diligence which financial institutions and their partners follow to comply with local legislation. It is a great way to avoid fraudulent behaviour and create a transparent and scalable environment.

  • Single identity check

    Complete a one-time document verification for your users to handle funds unlimitedly.

  • Trusted environment

    Verify your users' identity to avoid fraudulent behaviour and create officially verified profiles.

  • Global service

    Reach out internationally with our worldwide user verification system.

Verification levels

  • Light (default) verification

    All users provide basic information to register into our system.

  • Regular verification

    Users provide official documents to handle funds unlimitedly.

  • Documents and limits

    See our list of required documents and discover which limits apply to your users.

Asked questions


How long does it take for KYC documents to be validated?

Verification documents are typically reviewed within 24 working hours after submission.
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What are my users' limits without regular verification?

The amount you are allowed to process without regular user verification depends on your contract type, country of incorporation as well as operation type. Here...
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What are the different types of users?

There are two types of users: 'NATURAL' and 'LEGAL' users. 'NATURAL' users refers to a natural person. 'LEGAL' users refers to a legal person. We...
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