We are happy to celebrate our recent partnership with Paris Pionnières!

3 avril 2017 ,

A new hub for entrepreneurs

Founded on March 8th 2005, Paris Pionnières is an incubator dedicated to female founders or co-founders.

The incubator has supported over 200 startups with a sustainability rate of 85%, and is one of the most gender-balanced incubator in Paris.

Paris Pionnières offers access to the best practices, legal counselling and mentoring adapted to the start-ups’ needs. It provides access to workspaces and networks that help women to move forward in a nurturing environment of shared motivation, synergies, and formal discussions.

An open approach to innovation

Innovation is encouraged in both technological and social fields making Paris Pionnières a key partner for all women wanting to innovate and looking to launch their startup.

Today, more than 150 entrepreneurs are participating in their 3 programs: POSSIBLE, the Women’s Startup camp, WODI and Incubation. This autumn, the company is looking to launch another program 66 Miles, an innovation circuit for entrepreneurs.

The incubator is certified by the City of Paris as ‘Paris Innovation’ which guarantees quality of service and allows startups access to specific seed funding  » Paris Innovation Amorçage ». Offering up to 30,000€ for the first year of incubation, and repayable advances of a maximum of 100,00€ for the second and third years.




we recently signed a partnership with Paris Pionnières in order to provide a seamless payment solution designed especially for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and sharing economy businesses.

To learn more about MANGOPAY click here. 

To find out more about Paris Pionnières here.



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