Meet Deemly, the reputation site building trust in peer to peer transactions!

4 avril 2017

Header photo featuring: Jens Farvig Thomsen (CPO), Sara Green Brodersen (CEO), Pernille Spang Lyndegaard (CMO)

Deemly is a reputation site, which shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in peer to peer transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple peer to peer platforms, such as Airbnb, ebay, and UpWork.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Deemly CMO Pernille Spang Lyndegaard to ask her a few questions about the site.

« We’re building trust in peer to peer transactions. We offer a plug and play rating
– and review system for platforms that want to increase trust between their users. We furthermore have an API solution where platforms enable their users to display their deemly score on their profile. »

-Pernille Spang Lyndegaard


Why was Deemly created?

Trust between users remains a hindrance to the growth of the sharing economy. We want to bridge this ‘trust gap’ in order for users worldwide to feel safer while interacting with strangers for any kind of transaction

What was your biggest challenge when setting up your business?

I think it has been to get people to know about us. We have worked a lot with PR and thought leadership in order to promote what we do to the right people.  

What strategy do you use to direct users to your platform? Is it more of a direct or indirect approach?

We are working on both simultaneously. We get a lot of new users through PR and social media but we also acquire new users through our customers. Our primary focus at the moment is the latter. We focus on sales and getting new customers and through that onboarding users.

What is your favourite sharing economy platform and why?

I think there are so many cool sharing economy platforms, both big and small. Airbnb is the classic example because their company is awesome and they have managed to make it big! I think that is very exciting to see companies within this new industry making it. However, there are so many cool smaller platforms that I also really like – check out boataffair for instance. They are launching in a month’s time.

What do you see as the future for Deemly scores?

Eventually, we think there is a huge potential for the usage of the deemly score. Imagine that our users could add their deemly score to job applications, in order to provide employers with more insight into their character than a CV or cover letter. Or if the banking sector could use the deemly score in order to deem whether you would be a good loan taker. And how about the dating game – what if you could check your match’s deemly score in order to know whether he/she is a good person or not. I think that would be pretty cool!

What is the challenge around trust in the sharing economy? What are you key insights?

People are less likely to engage in a transaction when they have little or no information about the stranger on the other end. Consequently, one big challenge for new platforms is establishing trust between users when few ratings and reviews are available. That is why the deemly score makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, I think it is really interesting that bias and discrimination decrease when reviews and ratings are present.

What are the most popular platforms for your users?

I would say Airbnb and eBay are the most popular. They are both really big so many people know them and have a user on those platforms.

How easy was it for you to create partnerships with these platforms?

Well, it is actually a lot easier than what you would think as Airbnb and eBay both have open APIs so we are able to pull the data that way.

How are your users assessed through the use of social media?

We enable our users to verify themselves with their social media accounts, email, phone number, etc. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not base the deemly score on your social media activity as we believe that a person who interacts a lot on social media and has a lot of connections can be as trustworthy as someone who does not. We do believe however that being verified with several profiles adds a lot of value to a profile since you become a “real” person.

What key benefits do you provide for sharing economy platforms?

Sharing platforms that partner with deemly don’t have to worry about new users feeling wary about using their service. An individual’s deemly score gives them peace of mind when they use new sharing platforms where they might not yet have ratings or reviews. Thereby activity on the platform increase and thus platforms are off to a better start.

To learn more about Deemly click here


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