Meet Florian, Head of Support @Mangopay

7 juillet 2016

On a Sunday, you would see him playing the guitar, trying to find old discs or observing objects in a flea market.

« I love looking at things in very fine details. I can stay a long time glaring at a single piece of decoration to analyse it, » says Florian Guerrier, Head of Support at MANGOPAY.


This love of precision is a strong advantage in his job. In the support service, you need to detect which part of the payment workflow is at stake when there is a problem, and as there are many stakeholders, it can be pretty tricky! Florian’s role is a balance between answering clients’ demands on the one hand, and anticipating customers’ needs in order to propose the appropriate product updates on the other hand. « Every day is different, that’s why it’s exciting », he says with a smile.

He also loves when supporting customers helps the company to improve its products. « Some of our clients systematically anticipate and call us before they address a new market or a new country. That’s awesome. Many payment methods have been added like that. It’s the best approach to fit your customers’ needs. »

florian 4

Five years ago, Florian entered the company to work as project manager on a product that finally wasn’t released: start-up life, you try, fail, try again and succeed! When the company was given an e-money issuer licence, he switched to work on the new product MANGOPAY.

At the very beginning, in 2013, MANGOPAY’s sales and support team were Pierre, now VP Sales, and Florian. Today, the company has more than 1,000 clients over 22 countries. « What I truly love in the company is our team. People are very generous and attentive to each other. »

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