Meet Jean-Marc, Senior Account Manager @MANGOPAY

26 juillet 2016

Always cool, always smiling. That’s how you’d best describe Jean-Marc Nourel, Senior Account Manager at MANGOPAY.

This energetic entrepreneur was MANGOPAY’s client before joining. JM launched EdukLab, a donation-based crowdfunding platform for students, three years ago. Having noticed that similar platforms had gained traction in the US to help students afford the high university tuition fees he felt there was a need for a similar offering in Europe. Reflecting on American culture, “I like the Americans because of their entrepreneurial mind-set. People take risks and are quite fearless.”

Indeed, Jean-Marc is a determined individual always looking forward. He discovered the start-up world after 8 years working as a product manager in IT, and went through all the steps of the entrepreneur journey. “What I enjoy the most in being part of the start-up ecosystem in that you meet so many different people, with a wide array of backgrounds and identities”, says Jean-Marc. His start-up is still active and he works on it as a side project to his job at MANGOPAY.


“My daily work is to meet people, from early-stage entrepreneurs to big companies CFOs and CTOs, understand their business model and explain to them how our payment technology works. I integrated the API for my own business, so I have been through all the questions clients have”, he explains.

For La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, the first food sharing network in France, the main issue was to be able to manage their clients’ authentication. “I showed them how our end-to-end payment solution included the KYC checks and could help them to authenticate their clients in an efficient way,” says Jean-Marc. “As La Ruche Qui Dit Oui expands to the UK, Germany and Benelux markets, we could also offer them a seamless cross-border payment solution.”

Jean-Marc is also a passionate advocate on entrepreneurship in Outre-Mer, the French Caribbean Islands. “Over there, people have a real business acumen, but they tend to develop small local businesses instead of using technology to scale up”, he believes. “I founded Startup Outre-Mer, a label for the Outre-Mer entrepreneur community to share ideas and promote the ecosystem.” In its last event, 12 speakers explained how they launched their own project, what are the tech, business and personal development skills that you need, and inspired the 100 people gathered to launch their company.

With so many activities, you would believe he’d flee from tech in his spare time, but on the contrary! “When I have time, I code. At the end of the day, that’s what I find most relaxing” he says with a smile.







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