Podcast: Setting up secure payments for your startup

6 février 2017

MANGOPAY’s Timothy Munier talks with Chaz Englander, founder of Fat Lama, about how and when to set up a payment system for your platform.

Fat lama is an online platform turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. Their marketplace allows people to rent out their belongings- full insured- to others nearby.

Here at MANGOPAY, we specialise in payment technology for marketplaces and sharing economy platforms.  Our API is designed to be as easy and flexible as possible, taking the difficulties out of the payment process for our clients. Chaz Englander explains Fat Lama’s relationship with MANGOPAY and how we added value to their platform, along with insight into what startups need to be ready to set up their payment workflow!

To learn more about Fat Lama check out their spotlight post on our blog here!



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