Fraud prevention Security made-to-measure

Online platforms are responsible for their users’ activity and are susceptible to experience fraud. Substantially reduce any risk thanks to our prevention tools and in-house fraud engine.

3D Secure

3DS is a powerful security protocol used by the major card networks to verify that a card payment has been initiated by the cardholder. The process is handled through the user's bank online portal. More about 3D Secure integration

  • Avoid chargebacks

    Benefit from a fraud liability shift back to the issuing bank on successful 3DS authentications.

  • Selective 3DS

    Choose to force 3DS on transactions that you deem risky based on users' behaviour.

  • Build a solid reputation

    Guarantee a trustworthy payment environment which will contribute to the increase of your conversion rate.

Client anti-fraud strategy

Use our versatile tools to build an anti-fraud strategy which fits your workflow with customised rules.

Internal procedures

We have developed an in-house fraud engine to notify you and take action against suspicious behaviour.

  • Verification process

    Thorough verification of your users' identity in compliance with European regulation. Find out more about this process here.

  • Identity theft protection

    Reliable detection of stolen cards thanks to daily updates of our fraud engine data.

  • High-risk countries

    Efficient identification and prevention of payments from high-risk countries where fraud and the financing of illegal activities are common.

  • Internal card velocity

    Automatic capping of transactions by card over a 24 hour period. You can adjust this by contacting us.

  • Card Verification Codes

    Easy CVC collection to facilitate the issuing bank's security requests and verify the physical presence of the user's card.


Asked questions


Which countries support 3DS?

3DS is supported globally. It is up to the banks which issue the cards to decide whether to include it in their system.
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What is the trigger for 3DS? Is it possible to modify it?

Payments which exceed €50 will automatically trigger 3D Secure. It is possible to either lower or increase it.
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How can you efficiently fight against fraud?

Efficiently fight fraud by creating a fraud strategy based on your preferences, read our full recommendations here.
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