Our Pricing

Clear and transparent pricing with no set-up fees

CASH-IN (per transaction)
Visa/Mastercard1.8% + €0.18
CASH-OUT (per transaction)
Within SEPA zoneFree
  • No setup fees
  • No pre-authorization fees
  • No additional fees for refunds
  • No fees for failed payments

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Chargeback/dispute handling fee

  • Free: Dispute ruled in your favour.
  • €/£ 15: Lost or non contestable dispute. Charged monthly.

Individual identity verification (KYC)

  • Free*

Legal entity verification (KYC)

  • €/£ 2.5: Verification of businesses, sole traders, organisations

Minimum fees after three months

  • 3 months after your production account has gone live, if your transaction fees do not exceed €/£30, we will charge a minimum transaction fee of €/£30.



*If the refusal rate of identity proof verification exceeds 15% on a monthly basis, MANGOPAY will charge you €1 for any extra document.