Start onboarding today

Create your Company Reference in a few clicks and your developers will instantaneously be able to:

  • Create a sandbox account and test the API
  • Create a production account

In order to start processing payments with MANGOPAY, you need to complete the following legal steps:

  1. Create your Company Reference
  2. Upload your KYC documents
  3. Request & sign your contract
  4. Publish our T&Cs
  5. Go live!

What you need to know before using MANGOPAY

  • To use our service, your company needs to be registered in the European Economic Area
  • We provide our API to marketplaces, crowdfunding and sharing economy platforms
  • We do not accept gambling, games & adult businesses
  • Our compliance team is entitled to refuse access to our API in accordance to our T&Cs
  • Production account are activated on Friday