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Please notice that if your platform is based OUTSIDE of France, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany and Austria, you will have to provide an official English translation of these documents made by a legal entity (lawyer, notary or company approved for translation of legal docs).

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Here's a couple of examples:

  • Crowdfunding platform specialised in collaborative/peer-to-peer insurance
  • Platform connecting artists and buyers

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What you need to know before using MANGOPAY

  • To use our service, your company needs to be registered in the European Economic Area
  • We provide our API to marketplaces, crowdfunding and sharing economy platforms
  • We do not accept gambling, games and adult businesses, please find here the list of prohibited business
  • Our compliance team is entitled to refuse access to our API in accordance to our T&Cs
  • Production account are activated Monday to Friday 12pm
  • More info on our FAQ here