Update terms

Update needed of the MANGOPAY Terms and Conditions on your website


A month ago you have signed an amendment to your contract with MANGOPAY in order to be compliant with the new European regulation for data protection, GDPR. In addition to GDPR, the second Payment Service Directive (PSD2) introduces new sets of regulations for the next years. As of today, MANGOPAY is fully compliant with PSD2.

In the meantime, in accordance with these new laws, we updated our Terms and Conditions (“framework Agreement”). As by contract, you are obliged to publish those terms on your website and obtain customer’s consent by way of an online procedure.

Please find the corresponding Terms and Conditions here per contract type and language available:

The Terms and Conditions for Distributor of Electronic Money



The Terms and Conditions for Agent for Payment services



We kindly ask you to publish our updated Terms and Conditions by July 2018 to be compliant. 

For more information about GDPR, have a look here and for PSD2 here. You can also email us at sales@mangopay.com or legal@mangopay.com.




*You can refer to your current contract with MANGOPAY to find your contract status. The title will either be “Contract for MANGO-Payment account” which corresponds to the Agent for Payment Services status. Or  “Contract for Electronic Money Services”, which corresponds to the Distributor of Electronics Money Status.